410 ppm

410 ppm. An abstract title for an abstract work.
410 ppm by Melanie van Dijk

An abstract title for an abstract work. Imagine a pie sliced in one million pieces. 410 ppm stands for 410 pieces of this pie. Parts per million (ppm) is the value used to measure concentrations of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The yellowish circle represents right now; close to hitting 410 parts per million (ppm).

410 ppm explained
410 ppm explained

This work shows past (280 ppm in 1850), current and estimated (670 ppm by the end of this century) carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere.

All this excess greenhouse gas will lead to actual warming. Not many people know that the warming effects are delayed. They think climate change is not true, because “It’s not really getting any warmer”.

It’s not really getting any warmer yet, because of the 40 year delay between cause and effect, known as the climate lag. The current temperature rise of 1 degree celsius, it’s the noticeable effect of the CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by our parents, grandparents and ancestors up until the 1980s.