why i make art

I use research of psychologists, philosophers and scientists to create art for people. To bring their insights to a larger audience. Art is needed for people to relate to science. Art is needed to ignite our imagination.

In my work I look for values that exceed the individual. Human values that address needs we all know and go beyond the individualism of our time, that is not really helping us. Needs for love and truth and a sense of purpose. Enough art has been made about fear, anxiety and death. With my work I want to create a framework that is greater than ourselves, which lies beyond ourselves. A framework of imagination, disarmament and humanity we canĀ all relate to.

People have a need for self transcendence and a sense of purpose. The need for self transcendence is human and the fulfillment of that need is necessary for mental health. According to psychologists, this need arises from our need for stability and resistance. We know we ourselves are mortal, but our mind needs a larger framework that remains stable. In addition, we want to attach value to this framework, which enables us to attach value to our lives. Finally, we have the need to contribute to that bigger framework, to make a difference, however limited. If we have a framework of purpose, but we are unable to make any link between that framework and our own life, think of the environmentalist type being politically represented by Trump, that could lead to alienation and depression.

(with insights from ‘Duurzaam willen ontwikkelen’ by Prof. dr. Marc Davidson)